How to Apply for Your Social Insurance Number

How to Apply for Your Social Insurance Number

How to Apply for Your Social Insurance Number

How do you apply for your social insurance number? The exact process varies depending on what country you live in, but applying for one is usually fairly simple. If you’re thinking about working in Canada, this guide on how to apply for your social insurance number will help you get started. Here, we’ll go over the different ways to obtain your social insurance number and how to submit your application so that you can soon start earning Canadian dollars!

Step 1: Gather Documents

To apply for a social insurance number (SIN), you’ll need a Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) document, such as: Passport Record of Landing Other CIC documents, like Confirmation of Permanent Residence and Study Permit Card If you already have a Social Insurance Number (SIN) but it has been lost or stolen, bring your Notice of Social Insurance Number (SIN) along with another primary piece of identification and two pieces of secondary identification.

Step 2: Go Online

The second step in how to apply for a social insurance number is easy: just go online. The Government of Canada’s website provides all kinds of information on social insurance numbers (SINs) including who needs one, why it’s needed, and where you can get one. You can also find out about SIN fraud here and about lost or stolen cards here. And if you want more information about SINs, check out these additional resources from Service Canada: My Social Insurance Number; What You Need To Know About Your SIN; How To Apply For A SIN Card; Applying For A Replacement Card; Lost Or Stolen Cards – What To Do If You Lose Your Card; How Long Does It Take To Get A New Card?

Step 3: Take Advantage of Government Resources

Learning how to get a social insurance number is a bit different from learning how to apply for your first driver’s license, since you can’t go down to city hall and fill out some paperwork. In fact, applying for your SIN is done entirely online! The process usually takes about 10 minutes and only requires a few pieces of information. To begin, head over to Service Canada and click on Apply for a Social Insurance Number (SIN). Then follow these steps:

Step 4: A quick Word About Fraud

If you are applying for a SIN card, keep in mind that there are penalties associated with fraud. Whether you’re making up information or even lying about having had your card stolen, it’s illegal and can lead to criminal charges. It is better (and safer) to simply avoid these mistakes than take your chances with what may end up being an arrest record and/or fine. Even if you do not face legal consequences, losing your job over one mistake could be disastrous on its own. While many people use fake social insurance numbers without facing repercussions, it’s best to play it safe by not using someone else’s number at all. This guide is intended to help those who need to apply for their own number—not help people use someone else’s number without their knowledge or consent. Just remember: don’t lie on any official government forms!

Step 5: Keep Track of All Correspondence

Your social insurance number will be sent to you by mail. However, there may be delays and mistakes in your application. For example, if you applied when you were outside of Canada, you will have to provide more documentation (for example a letter from your employer or an offer letter). Keep track of all correspondence between yourself and Service Canada so that they can resolve any issues as quickly as possible. Keep a copy of your tax returns on hand so that you can reference them as well.

Step 6: Follow Up on Your Application

The next step is to wait. You should receive your Social Insurance Number in four weeks time. If you don’t hear anything within 10 weeks of submitting your application, call Service Canada at 1-800-206-7218 or go back online and check if it’s been sent. In most cases, a Social Insurance Number will be mailed to you by regular mail. However, some people may get their number through direct deposit into their bank account. This is not common but can happen in some cases. If you think that might be happening with your case and haven’t received any information after a few weeks, contact Service Canada immediately by phone (1-800-206-7218) or email (

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Step 7. Expect Delays

Don’t panic if you don’t get your SIN number right away; sometimes they can take months. The wait will be worth it, though—the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) uses your social insurance number as an identifier and a tax-file number. You’ll need it to register a business and open up a bank account. If you’re moving to Canada permanently, you can apply for a permanent social insurance number at any time by visiting one of their offices. If you want more information on how to apply for your SIN card, check out Service Canada’s website.

Step 8. Tips on Applying

When applying, it’s important to provide your Social Insurance Number (SIN) and proof of your identity. The SIN can be any 9-digit number that you will use when filing taxes and getting government benefits like employment insurance or health care. To prove your identity, you must provide at least two pieces of identification with your name printed on them, such as a driver’s license or an employee ID card. If you are under 18 years old, you must also have consent from one of your parents or legal guardians. If you are applying in Quebec, please visit Revenu Québec to apply for your Social Insurance Number.


In order to apply for your SIN you must fill out an application. Once you’ve filled out an application, follow these steps: In order to apply for your SIN you must fill out an application. Once you’ve filled out an application, follow these steps: A- Complete Form B Application For A Social Insurance Number Card (available at Service Canada Centres or by downloading from their website). B- You can submit a paper form at any time by mailing it or delivering it in person to one of our Service Canada Centres.

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