Accounting Manager interview questions and answers

accounting manager interview questions

Accounting Manager Interview Questions

Accounting Manager interview questions: Accounting Managers develop and implement systems for collecting, analyzing and reporting financial information. They’re also responsible for managing accounting staff to ensure smooth day-to-day operation of the accounting department.

Your ideal candidates should have an academic background in accounting or finance, coupled with solid accounting work experience. You can use these questions to test their knowledge of accounts payable/receivable processes, reconciliations and budgeting activities. To succeed in this role, your, candidates should be familiar with a variety of accounting procedures and have excellent analytical skills.

This is a senior-level position, which means your candidates will manage a team of accountants. You should ask about previous experience with leading a team to identify your candidates’ abilities to coordinate projects and delegate tasks. It’s equally important to find how your candidates perform under deadlines and whether they’re able to multitask while paying attention to detail.

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Operational and Situational questions

  • Can you mention three types of special journals?
  • What methods have you used to estimate bad debt?
  • What accounting software have you used?
  • What is fraud analysis? Can you walk me through the process you’d follow step-by-step?
  • What ERP systems have you experience working with?
  • How do you track your team’s progress on delegated tasks? Name any tools you use.
  • What information and metrics do you need to prepare an annual budget?
  • Are you familiar with SFAS (Statement of Financial Accounting Standards)?
  • How do you ensure data accuracy and minimum errors in your reports?
  • How would you deal with an error in customer payment?

Behavioral questions

  • What resources do you use to stay up-to-date with changes in legislation?
  • Have you ever implemented any improvements to accounting procedures?
  • Describe a time when your team managed to achieve ambitious goals you set. What did you do to support them and how did you motivate them?
  • What’s the most challenging analysis problem you’ve faced at work?

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