Assistant Principal interview questions and answers


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Assistant Principal interview questions and answers

Assistant Principal Interview Questions

Assistant Principal interview questions and answers – The essential requirements for hiring your Assistant Principal were likely decided by a committee, based on existing data, with state and district goals in mind. The same committee tends to steer the hiring process. Candidates for this position typically interview with the committee first before proceeding to one-on-one interviews.

The following interview questions are meant to start purposeful open-ended conversations with candidates and can be used at the initial committee interview. These questions will help you learn more about your candidates’ practical experience as an educator and their overall ability to lead teaching and learning at your school.

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This a high visibility, high-pressure role. During the interview, you’ll want to evaluate candidates’ experience of being in a school leadership role, and their overall ability to help you achieve your school improvement goals. You’ll also want to investigate their soft skills and leadership style. Are they better at taking direction or at taking initiative? How does this correspond with what your Principal needs? Can they assist in hiring, training, and developing teachers? Are they effective relationship builders? Are they effective disciplinarians? What are their professional goals, and what motivates them to do well in this role? These are all critical factors to consider when hiring your new Assistant Principal.

Operational and Situational questions

  • Tell us about your professional experience in the field of education.
  • In as much detail as possible, describe your vision of a highly effective (elementary/middle/high) school.
  • What are your personal benchmarks for success in this role?
  • How would you rate yourself as a leader? Describe your leadership style.
  • How would you rate yourself as a disciplinarian?
  • How does this role differ from the role of the Principal?
  • Describe a time you disagreed with the Principal’s decision-making.
  • Discuss the relationship between teacher evaluations and student achievement.
  • How do you involve other staff in organizational decision-making?
  • Describe a time you suggested a way to cut costs in order to maintain a service or activity.
  • In what ways have you helped teachers improve their methods of instruction?
  • What classroom management strategies do you recommend?
  • What guidance would you give to teachers during their first year on the job?
  • How would you give negative feedback to a veteran teacher?
  • Describe a time that a student complaint resulted in reprimanding a teacher.
  • How do you know when a parent organization is effective?
  • Describe a time you involved a parent in disciplining a student.
  • How would you organize and promote a new student activity?
  • How would students at your school describe you?

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