Hotel Manager Interview Questions and Answers


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Hotel Manager Interview Questions

The career track for a Hotel Manager, sometimes known as a General Manager or Operations Manager, may vary. Generally, they have deep experience in the hotel industry. They may have a room background, a sales background, or a food and beverage background. They will typically have an undergraduate degree in Hospitality Management or Business. A marketing background, especially for independent hotels that do their marketing, is also desirable.

Leadership skills are crucial for this position. This person will be in charge of providing strategic direction for the hotel and overseeing daily operations. Candidates should have a record of hiring, training, monitoring, and motivating staff. They should show good judgment in delegating, scheduling, and in general, getting the most out of their team. Most of all, they should understand that a happy staff is just as important as happy customers.

Open-ended and situational interview questions will encourage your candidates to speak at length about their relevant hotel experience. You’ll also be on the lookout for what isn’t on their resume. Be on the lookout for candidates who are outgoing, confident, empathetic, and service-oriented. The best candidates will have a strong grasp of who your customers are and will be prepared with smart, specific questions that are tailored to your hotel.

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Operational and Situational questions

  • Describe your previous hotel.  What was the capacity? Who were your customers? What were their expectations?
  • If you were starting work at a new hotel tomorrow, what would you do to get up to speed on hotel operations?
  • How have you improved top-line revenue at your previous hotel?
  • How have you saved time or reduced costs at your current/previous hotel?
  • Describe a time you introduced a new policy or technology to your staff.
  • How do you oversee the training of hotel staff?
  • How do you inspire loyalty and trust in your staff?
  • Describe a time you collaborated with your staff to improve the service of your hotel.
  • How did your previous hotel handle staff reports and occupancy reports?
  • Describe a time you received negative feedback from a staff member. How did you handle it?
  • How would you handle making a round of layoffs at your hotel?
  • How do you prioritize maintenance tasks, such as repairs?
  • You’re expecting an enormous group of people to check-in at the same time. How would you adjust front desk scheduling to accommodate them?
  • What promotional events have worked well at your previous hotel? What didn’t work so well?
  • How did your previous hotel handle guest complaints?
  • Describe a time you had to resolve a problem with an extremely irate guest.
  • Describe a time you turned a negative situation with a guest into a positive situation.
  • In what ways have you worked with your staff to go the extra mile to deliver great customer service?
  • Have you ever been a guest at our hotel? What would you improve?

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