Office Manager interview questions and answers

office manager interview questions

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Office Manager Interview Questions

Office Manager is a mid to senior level position that requires extensive administrative experience. You’ll want to hire someone organized, unflappable and authoritative with an impeccable personal brand. Your team will be relying on your Office Manager to make sound decisions in a pinch, perhaps under ambiguous circumstances. They may even tread into human resources territory, occasionally pitching in to coach, counsel, or discipline employees. These interview questions for office manager will assess both administrative and interpersonal skills.

This employee will be central to the smooth operation of your workplace, so learn as much as you can from these interviews. Ask interview questions that only someone with hands-on experience as an office manager would be able to answer. Ask “why” as a follow-up interview question for office administrators. Soft skills are crucial for this role so get a sense of how they would inspire their colleagues’ confidence, resolve conflicts. This person may also be tasked with building and managing their own team. If so, be sure to ask questions related to these office administrator duties.

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What does an office manager do?

Office Managers are responsible for overseeing the maintenance of office systems and work space, ensuring an efficient and productive work environment for your team. They work independently but occasionally consult with and support senior executives. They’re the keepers of the keys, the office supply cabinet, the taxi vouchers, the company credit card—every resource your employees need to do their jobs. They manage the G&A (general and administrative) budget. They’re also responsible for knowing company operational and administrative procedures inside and out and for sharing this knowledge with your team as needed.

Operational and Situational questions

  • How do you plan your schedule for the day?
  • Describe your range of responsibilities at your previous position.
  • What goals did you set for yourself at your last position? How did you achieve them?
  • Describe a time you resolved an office conflict. What did you do and why?
  • Describe what you would classify as an office crisis. How did you deal with it?
  • How do you keep track of office resources? (e.g. documents, office supplies)
  • What did you do to ensure the security of office records at your last organization?
  • What administrative process worked well at your last position? What didn’t work so well?
  • How have you ensured the adoption of a new procedure throughout an organization?
  • How do you handle employee requests for confidential information?
  • What’s the most challenging thing about being an office manager?
  • In what ways have you worked with your team to increase productivity?
  • Describe your approach to conducting training sessions with employees.

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