The Best Receptionist Interview Questions And Answers

Receptionist interview questions and answers

The Best Receptionist Interview Questions And Answers

Here are some of the best receptionist interview questions and answers, along with tips on how to answer them successfully. You’ll also learn how to prepare yourself before your interview, what to do after you’ve been hired as a receptionist, and how to advance your career. Whether you want to be an administrative assistant or you’re just looking for your first job out of college, this guide will help you ace the interview and get the job!

How do i prepare for a receptionist interview?

Some interview questions for receptionist are going to be general enough that you can prepare for them in advance. For example, a question about your experience may come up in any job interview. Knowing what you can anticipate from an interview is valuable when it comes to knowing how to properly prepare yourself for a receptionist interview. For example, you might want to bring extra copies of your resume in case your interviewer wants more details on something specific that’s not detailed on your resume. You may also want to do a mock practice session with a friend or family member who can help play off of as if they were an interviewer; don’t just memorize lines! Be sure that you’re confident in all aspects of yourself, including professional attire and anything else related to being an effective receptionist candidate.

Who is a receptionist?

A receptionist is a person who greets people, makes appointments, handles telephone calls, directs calls to an appropriate recipient, manages visitors and provides clerical assistance. In many cases they will also answer basic inquiries by providing information over the phone or directing callers to someone who can help them. The position is often used as a stepping stone into other areas of business such as customer service or sales. A receptionist works in an office setting assisting with daily operations of a business.

Receptionist Salary

According to PayScale, a receptionist in a law firm earns an average of $27,000 annually. At smaller firms, where only one or two people work directly with clients, you might earn more like $32,000. In addition to your salary as a receptionist, you can count on free lunch whenever you’re working. Smaller firms may also offer profit-sharing opportunities or bonuses based on how well your firm does throughout any given year.

Interview questions for receptionist

The Best Receptionist Interview Questions And Answers

Tell me about yourself

In most cases, it’s a good idea to have a prepared answer to tell me about yourself. Your response should be concise (less than 90 seconds) and highlight your most relevant experience that matches what you think he or she is looking for in an ideal candidate. It can also include something like I’m really excited to learn more about [company name] and see if I would be a good fit here! That way, you are showing enthusiasm without being too forward. If there is anything else you want to add but didn’t get a chance to say during your interview, now’s your chance! You don’t want any lingering doubts at the end of your interview.

What are your strengths?

There are several questions you can ask a job applicant that will determine how good they’ll be at their new position. One of these is, What are your strengths? Most people like to talk about themselves, so they’ll likely mention qualities that make them well-suited for the position. You can then follow up by asking more specific questions like, Can you give me an example of when you demonstrated those skills in a professional setting? or How has that helped your employer? This is an important question to ask any prospective employee; knowing what makes them tick will give you insight into their work style.

Why should we hire you?

If you think they’re going to ask you why they should hire you, then chances are they will. They want to know that you’re excited about working there and that your resume isn’t just a means to an end (more money, a higher title, etc.). And remember: Don’t be afraid to list several things! The idea here is that if I can answer your question in many different ways, it proves how passionate I am about whatever it is we have discussed. Why should we hire me? There are so many reasons! But for starters… First of all, I am friendly. Secondly, I show up on time – every time – and ready to work. Finally… No really. That’s three reasons.

What makes you stand out from other candidates?

You should have an answer prepared for any question that may be asked of you. For example, if someone asks what makes you stand out from other candidates, simply answer by saying that you were able to figure out your own computer system on your first day of work. If they ask why, tell them that it is because you’re a quick learner, enjoy learning new things and are good at learning them quickly. You will want to do some research on common interview questions so you can be better prepared when they come up in an interview.

How would you deal with rude visitors?

As a receptionist, you’ll deal with all kinds of people throughout your workday. Most will be respectful and polite, but you should always be prepared for visitors who aren’t quite so pleasant. Before responding to a difficult situation, take a few seconds to think about how you might react without angering or offending others in the process. One strategy is to walk away from interactions that are getting heated—but only if doing so doesn’t put you in danger. Otherwise, stay calm and make it clear that rudeness won’t be tolerated; an apology from a visitor may not solve much, but demonstrating your professionalism can still set things right.

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Give an example of a time when you had to go above and beyond at work.

A good example of an above-and-beyond experience I had would be helping a customer set up her computer, even though I didn’t have time in my schedule. Since she was new to our office, she wasn’t sure what all she needed to bring with her to set up her computer and printing documents was something she was unfamiliar with. So I spent some extra time helping her troubleshoot so that when we were done, everything worked properly and she had a positive experience. She told me it meant a lot to have someone go out of their way like that. In return, as we finished working together, I also completed my other tasks while also ensuring they were completed by myself so that everyone else had their task list checked off as well.

Have you had any professional development courses?

Even if you didn’t take courses specifically aimed at improving your skills as a receptionist, have you taken any other professional development courses? Did these courses have anything to do with customer service or working with people? A course in time management or budgeting could be relevant to an interview for a position as a receptionist. Think about what work-related courses you’ve taken during your time in school—and if there are any job-specific classes that might come up in an interview.

Do you have any questions for us?

One of your first steps during an interview with a prospective employer should be to ask questions. Not only does it show that you’re interested in working for them, but it also gives you insight into what they’re looking for, whether or not they value customer service, and how many hours you can expect to work. Plus, it shows off your personality—which is important if you want to make a good impression! Here are some of our favorite receptionist interview questions: Do you provide any training? What will I learn on my first day? What kind of hours do you expect me to work? Can I work from home one day per week? When would I get lunch breaks? Is there room for advancement within your company?


Interviewing for a job as a receptionist can be fun—after all, you’re applying to work at a dental office, which is cool—but it can also be stressful. You’ll want to make sure you remember these tips while preparing for your interview. Keep in mind that each job posting will likely have its own set of interview questions, so be sure to check each individual description before interviewing. The more prepared you are for your interview, the better your chances are of landing your dream job! Good luck!

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