Developmental Assistant 3 Job

March 9, 2022
58,661 - 70,946 / year

Job Description

Developmental Assistant 3 Job – Ensure that individuals have everyday necessities (food, supplies, adaptive equipment, etc.).

Developmental Assistant 3 Job

Developmental Assistant 3 Job

Please note: State agencies that contact job applicants do not usually request personal or financial information via text message or over the phone in connection with your response to a job posting. If you are contacted for such information by these methods, or any other method, please verify the identity of the individual before transmitting such information to that person.

Minimum Qualifications 1. Must currently be a permanent Developmental Assistant 3.
2. Must be active and reachable on the Civil Service eligible list for Developmental Assistant 3.
3. Eligible for 70.1 transfer by way of current permanent status in a title deemed comparable by the NYS Department of Civil Service (must also be within 2 grades of targeted title).
4. Eligible for provisional* appointment.


One year as a Developmental Assistant 2 or Senior Licensed Practical Nurse 2.
Two years as a Developmental Assistant 1 or Developmental Disabilities Secure Care Treatment Aide 2.

NOTE: *Provisional appointments will only be considered if there are insufficient in-title and/or Civil Service List candidates.
Valid unrestricted license to drive in New York State.

Duties Description 1. Overall duties connected to the effective functioning of multiple community residences located in BDDSOO.
2. Ensure that individuals have everyday necessities (food, supplies, adaptive equipment, etc.).
3. Interact with the individuals to get a feedback on their feelings, desires, concerns and delights.
4. Enter daily billing into TABS.
5. Prepare for and participate in individuals’ ISP and Ad-Hoc meetings; contribute to the development of Safeguard Summaries, PEPs, Money Management Assessments, and contribute productively to the efforts of the management team.
6. Manage individual’s financial accounts in house.
7. Review staff training needs and schedule in-person- trainings to maintain compliance. Track on-line trainings.
8. Ensure all staff are accessing and maintaining access to the electronic record system. Maintain and track work requests if and when problems with access are experienced.
9. Conduct consistent residential observations in regard to service delivery, physical plant
10. Review Residential Habilitation documents including Service Documentation, daily entries by DSA, monthly treatment notes.
11. Schedule community inclusions to match the individual preferences
12. Ensuring that that agency’s mission and objectives are achieved
13. Submit and review Time and Attendance Records for subordinate staff.
14. Supervise core staff and shift supervisors, conduct team meetings, provide guidance to shift supervisors.
15. Overtime Monitoring and work collaboratively with the staffing office for management of staff
16. Providing guidance and direction to subordinate staff to maintain internal systems.
17. Implement systems to improve workers’ efficiency.
18. Assist in implementing the vision of the Treatment Team Leader for the homes assigned
19. Establish a high standard level of care for individuals served.
20. Assist higher-level supervisory and/or administrative staff to coordinate matters related to employee corrective and/or disciplinary actions.
21. Meet regularly with shift supervisors to discuss daily operations and plans to make changes to those operations.
22. Update 28-day schedules.
23. Provide and or monitor work schedule and assignments to subordinate staff by shift supervisors.
24. Keep track of daily events when on duty and follow up as needed
25. Maintain their houses’ internal and external environments in good stead so as to ensure that all related health and safety issues are addressed and regulatory compliance are met.
26. Maintain good records for homes use of purchases
27. Create and submit purchase orders for household and individual needs.
28. Incident reporting and management under the guidance of the Treatment Team Leader
29. Order supplies for clinicians and administrative staff.
30. Provide Residential Administrator with monthly report of incidents, movements, community inclusions, placements, etc.
31. Prepare for and participate in surveys and implement subsequent plans of corrective action (POCA).
32. Assist the team in plans for excess funds management
33. Communicate with all members of the team and other personnel as needed to carry out the core mission.

Developmental Assistant 3 Job Additional Comments Please note:

  • For CSEA positions: Local Bidding Agreements will be honored.
  • Preference will be given to OPWDD employees impacted by closures. If you are being impacted by closure, please indicate this on your resume/cover letter.
  • All OPWDD employees must be eligible and maintain eligibility for full and unconditional participation in the Medicare and Medicaid programs. Continued employment will depend on maintaining eligibility.
  • If you are employed by state government, you may be able to receive loan forgiveness under the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLF). The PSLF Program forgives the remaining balance on Direct Loans after 120 qualifying monthly payments have been made under a qualifying repayment plan while working full-time for a qualifying employer. For more information on PSLF, please visit
  • Employees on long term leave can bid on positions but must be able to report to work within fourteen (14) days and be able to perform the essential functions of their positions with or without reasonable accommodation (RA). If an employee believes that they need a reasonable accommodation, they should contact NYS OPWDD Workforce and Talent Management Central Office at (518) 473-4785 or Email at [email protected] to obtain information and RA forms.

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