Patient Care Technician Job at NYC Health and Hospital

Job Description

Patient Care Technician Job at NYC Health and Hospital – Coler is an 815 bed, leading nursing facility dedicated to providing quality medical, sub-acute, rehabilitative and long-term specialty services. We are committed to serving New York City, providing services to individuals requiring geriatric, memory care and rehabilitation services.

Patient Care Technician Job

Patient Care Technician Job at NYC Health and Hospital


Job Description

1. Assist in recreational and rehabilitation activities designed to meet the assessed needs, interests and capabilities of patients. Supervises patients/residents during field trips.

2. Assists with the physical care and personal hygiene of selected patients, consisting of, but not limited to, changing simple dressings, giving enemas and taking vital signs. Prepares patient for meals and feeds them if necessary.

3. Prepares patient for examination by performing assigned procedures such as temperature, pulse, respiration, height, weight and measurements, and assists in the examination process.

4. Prepares patient and/or examining room for examination, treatment and/or process.

5. Maintains, assembles and dismantles devices and equipment used in patient care. Prepares and tests equipment for safe operation and transports various equipment and supplies.

6. Changes linen and makes beds. Keeps ward and/or unit, linen, utility, treatment, storage rooms and recreational areas in a neat and orderly fashion.

7. Assists in care and storage of patients’ clothing and property and sterilizes clothing and other personal items when required.

8. Reports observations of patients’ and families’ conditions, mental state and social behavior to medical and professional staff caring for patients.

Other duties as listed in the corporate job description

Minimum Qualifications

1. Graduation from elementary school.
2. Successful completion of a basic skill training program for Nurse’s Aides, or its equivalent.


How To Apply

Please be advised that proof of Covid-19 vaccination is required prior to hire.

If you wish to apply for this position, please apply online by clicking the “Apply Now” button or go to

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