₦2.7m Grants Fund Disbursement

Six students from the University of Abuja have been awarded a research grant of N2.7 million from the university’s Centre for Undergraduate Research Fund. The Vice-Chancellor of the university, Prof. Abdul-Rasheed Na’Allah, spoke at the second Undergraduate Research Day and explained that the grant aims to help the students develop solutions to national problems. He stressed that universities play a vital role in problem-solving and that the government, parents, and industry must look to them for solutions.

Prof. Na’Allah highlighted the importance of research, stating that it aims to find solutions to national problems. He also hopes to raise awareness of the significant contributions that universities can make to society. He encouraged the students to think about bringing change to society through their research, with the goal of industry developing their work further for the betterment of society. He also urged other universities to follow the example of the University of Abuja by establishing centres for undergraduate research.

Dr Taibat Adebukola Atoyebi, the Director of the Centre for Undergraduate Research, explained that 28 applications were received, from which the best six were selected. She added that the university would continue to support and guide the students until they produce their final research output.

In conclusion, the research grant awarded to six students of the University of Abuja is an excellent initiative that aims to promote academic excellence and research among undergraduate students. It emphasizes the importance of universities in solving problems and the need for government, parents, and industry to look to them for solutions. The University of Abuja sets an example for other universities to follow in establishing centres for undergraduate research.

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